Daichi Ito

Videographer / Photographer

Born in Japan

Lives & works in Tokyo, Japan


2021 The 56TH KANAGAWA ART EXHIBITION (第56回 神奈川県美術展 ) -  Nominee (入選) (Title: "Talk to a Ship")

2021 95th KOKUTEN (第95回 国展 ) -  Nominee (入選) (Title: "Boy Leading the Family (家族を導く自由の少年)")

2021 46th SHITEN (第46回 視点 -全国公募写真展 ) -  Nominee (入選) (Title: "A Rest (一息)")

2021 14th Annual International Color Awards -  Nominee in Fine Art (Title: "The Red String")

2021 EPSON meet up! -selection- 2020 - NOMINATED (入選) (Title: "SUNFLOWER(向日葵)") 

2021  The 81st International Photographic Salon (第81回 国際写真サロン) - NOMINATED (入選) (Title: "Pokemon")

2020  15th BLACK & WHITE SPIDER AWARDS - NOMINATED (Title: "the divine space")  

2020  CENTRAL Photo Contest 2020 (セントラルフォトコンテスト) - Honorable Mention (Title: "Palette")

2020  Ashiya Photo Exhibition (芦屋写真展) - Nominated (Title: "Holy Doorway" and "A Kid")

​2020  MIFA 2020 (Moscow International Foto Awards) - Honorable Mention (Title: Koi)

2020  13th Annual International Color Awards - Honorable Mention (Title: hide and seek), Nominated (Title: "_rainbow bird" and "stop and flow")



2019  Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3) - HONORABLE MENTION (Title: World Tour)

2019  International Photography Awards (IPA) - 2nd place (Title: World Tour) & Honorable Mention (Title: stop and flow)

​2019  14th BLACK & WHITE SPIDER AWARDS - NOMINATED ("Your Shadow & The Shadow on The Street," "Traveling without Moving," and "a circle")  

Group Exhibitions


    COHSA Shibuya | TOKYO

    Oct 26th - Nov 6th 2020 

・VSVN -Very Sexy Very Naughty-

 WDI Gallery | TOKYO

 July 22nd - 23rd 2017


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